Meet Aimee Cruz

Founder of Aimee’s Stories.

Aimee is an accomplished business woman spending time in various management and leadership positions. Her experience includes a decade with Deloitte and Touche, time with a venture-backed tech start-up as well as Founding Moms on Maternity and Co-Founding Vida Kombucha.
Her specialties include: Talent management, Business strategy, Branding, Marketing and Process optimization.
University California at San Diego

Meet AJ Machado

Co-Founder of Aimee’s Stories.

AJ Machado is an award winning stand up comic and radio personality who has hosted winning shows in Sonoma County, the Monterey Bay, San Francisco and San Diego. He has also been the head writer for the nationally syndicated “House of Blues Radio Hour” starring Dan Akroyd and served as fill in host for the nationally syndicated “Hollywood Hamilton’s Weekend Top 40.” His “AJ’s Kids” charitable initiative has raised millions of dollars for Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, Ca. He is currently the co-host of the “AJ and Sara” podcast.

Meet Sharon

Lead Content Creator for Aimee’s Stories.

Sharon is an accomplished television/video producer, director, camera operator, and editor.
Her specialties include: HD videography, ENG, live/broadcast TV production, documentary film, photography, audio/video editing, graphic design, lighting, sound recording, script writing, interviewing, marketing, project management.
Kenya Institute of Mass communication

Meet Nick
Meet NickAdvisor
Technical Operations and Technical Strategy
Meet Kati
Meet KatiAdvisor
Sales Operations Enablement and Business Solutions
Meet Carla
Meet CarlaAdvisor
Branding, Marketing and Client Relations
Meet Hiren
Meet HirenAdvisor
Business Development and Client Relations

Why Do You Need Us?

With content marketing today, the goal is to inspire feelings of emotional attachment and connection to a brand. Innately, we are drawn to the Wonderous and Mysterious and this content is not readily available, and brands are not clear on how to tie it to their messaging.

• As marketers, we must engage with content that moves our people, inspires them and ultimately leads to true brand attachment. Content should be non-sales-y but still tie to a core why, mission and product or service suite.

• One of the best tools for content marketing is Instagram Stories; they are a force to be reckoned with. With the platform continuing to see massive growth, Instagram is focused on ensuring the Stories user experience is top quality. It is possible to create beautiful Instagram Stories thanks to the filters, effects, typographies and music features within the application.

• Getting high quality, on-brand video in the “Stories Vertical Format” remains a challenge. Aimee’s Stories is the first to offer “stock” vertical video tied to a brands heart-and-soul at scale. We deliver high end, extremely affordable stories (or magic) for brands to use for their Instagram and Facebook stories on a monthly basis.

• Our Vertical Video scenes range from breathtaking sceneries of natural wonders, to glorious wildlife in their home habitats and amazing active lifestyle captures. We include powerful quotes and song lyrics with all content.

• With our Video packages, you can raise your content to the next level. We offer a chance to add your logo and brand colors to all our work. We help make people feel something and inspire brand loyalty.

How to use Aimee’s Stories

1. Choose videos that fit your brand and vibe  2. Add your logo or have us do it for you  3. Add text, quotes or song lyrics or have us do it for you –> Inspire followers and fans!

Our Instagram story videos are perfect for any size business. They are ideal for building and strengthening your brand’s identity. These stories are designed to evoke positive emotions and inspire feelings of connectedness. The videos can be used as story and reel posts and also for various advertisement purposes in the Vertical 9:16 format. Our videos are extremely versatile and can be used to achieve your unique marketing goals!

Do you want to talk about custom video work? Reach Out!

We’d love to talk to you about your work and how we could collaborate! Email us today.