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Meet Aimee Cruz

Founder of Aimee’s Stories.

Aimee is an accomplished business woman spending time in various management and leadership positions. Her experience includes a decade with Deloitte and Touche, time with a venture-backed tech start-up as well as Founding Moms on Maternity and Co-Founding Vida Kombucha. While at Deloitte, Aimee specialized in the design and facilitation of Client Labs and Trainings. Today, she helps corporate executives use LinkedIn in the modern way. Think bye-bye stuffy whitepapers. Hello audio-visual communicators.
Her specialties include: Talent management, Business strategy, Branding, Marketing and Process optimization.
University California at San Diego

Meet AJ Machado

Co-Founder of Aimee’s Stories.

AJ Machado is an award winning stand up comic and radio personality who has hosted winning shows in Sonoma County, the Monterey Bay, San Francisco and San Diego. He has also been the head writer for the nationally syndicated “House of Blues Radio Hour” starring Dan Akroyd and served as fill in host for the nationally syndicated “Hollywood Hamilton’s Weekend Top 40.” His “AJ’s Kids” charitable initiative has raised millions of dollars for Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, Ca. He is currently the co-host of the “AJ and Sara” podcast.

AJ Headshot

Meet Muhammed

Lead Content Creator for Aimee’s Stories.

Muhammed is an accomplished Video editor – Video producer – Motion Designer
His specialties include:
– Promos
– Explainer Videos
– Interviews & Testimonials
– Real Estate Videos

Education: Faculty of Petroleum Engineering

Meet Ihor

Lead Content Creator for Aimee’s Stories.

Ihor is an accomplished Video editor and traveler. He has spent significant time in India, Arab Emirates, Turkey, Argentina and Spain. He specializes in cutting edge editing techniques and corporate videos.

Ihor Headshot

Meet Abu

Talent Finder

Abu Jobayer is an expert in productivity tools, social media platforms and connecting people who can add value to one another.

Education: Post-Graduation From University of Dhaka In 2015.

Meet Nick
Meet NickAdvisor
Technical Operations and Technical Strategy
Meet Kati
Meet KatiAdvisor
Sales Operations Enablement and Business Solutions
Meet Carla
Meet CarlaAdvisor
Branding, Marketing and Client Relations
Meet Hiren
Meet HirenAdvisor
Business Development and Client Relations

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